Monday, August 2, 2010

Trade Marine - Day two: Or Floating head syndrome...

Day Two: before undercoating I needed to fill in some of the gaps in the back cape of the Miniature. I did an Ultramarine Master of the Chapter for Ricky Chang from 40k Forums awhile ago which had terrible pock marks in some of the recesses in the cape and above the left knee. As this guy is from the same set I thought he might and indeed he did have similiar problems. I didn't take any photos of it, but it was just really watered down green stuff smoothed over with a rubber-headed sculpting tool... I dunno if I got everything, but it'll start showing when I add some color... I then Undercoated in Black.

All parts have been undercoated separately. As with all characters I start with the head.
The head is basecoated with P3 Menoth base. Roleplayer uses quite extensive black lining in his miniatures, but I prefer using darker colors of the one used as base. Hence I've started to line using washes. I'm going to go ahead with all three GW washes, this is just the Sepia, I might use a touch of black if the Devlan Mud wash doesn't cut it...

Next for the head: More lining and then the eyes...
Next for the Body: Red stuff!
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