Friday, July 30, 2010

Trade Marine - Day One

I've decided to start putting up more of my WiP pics. Whether I take one at the end of each day or certain phases is still up in the air... My next figure is going to be a Space Marine Master of the Chapter. It's a trade miniature between Roleplayer and I. He has my two year old Gamesday Marine (With the big ass hammer), and I'm doing this guy...

Anyway, day one

Cleaned the miniature of excess flak, removed the mold lines, cleaned it with a little bit of toothpaste and given it an acid bath. While he was soaking I cleaned the head off, and put the base together. I made the decision to remove the funny little ear things and make the helmet more flat. With the face panel it looks slightly older, or it does to me. All of RP's minis are helmeted. So I wanted one that had a little more character. The base is a simple cork and sand job. Roleplayer buys his bases, but I think this one should work so long as I use similar colors. I like to have a bit of height for character minis...

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