Thursday, April 28, 2011

Space Hulk replacements

Alrighty! Here's the starting miniatures for my Space Hulk Replacements.

I really like Space Hulk. It's a fun game (Which I always lose, but thats beside the point), but the biggest problem I've always had is with the awesome looking Terminators dying so easily in close combat against the Genestealers! A normal solution might be to play better so you never get into close combat, but I'm not that good, plus this way I get to paint stuff I don't normally get to paint, so here we go:

Inquisitor Space Hulk Assault Warband GO!

In the Character / Leader department we have an Inquisitor and Lord Commissar taking over the roles as Sarge's, and a Primaries Psyker as the Librarian. Other choices for the Psyker were potentially the Assassin Psyker, or an Eldar character. Seeing the Psyker miniature sold me though. It looks cool

The Specials, ie the unique weapon choices and such we have a Death-Cult Assassin as the lightning claws, as the Assault Cannon we have Gunnery Sergeant Harker. For the heavy Flamer and Trooper with a chain fist we've got a Kasrikn flamer and Sarge.

Filling out the troopers are regular Kasrikn troopers. I was considering using normal IG minis, but the fact of the matter is they look naff. The Kasrikns look mean as hell and the hotshot lasguns look neat too. They require some reshaping, but overall I'm quite happy with them.

So there you have it. The starting shots of my Space Hulk Replacements.. . Knowing how slow I paint, this is gonna take me forever... I might get good at the game before I finish! HA!Oh and the bases are square for ease of space hulk positioning and such. I didn't have enough square bases so a few have circles for now ^_^
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Don't ask me how he uses the weapon...

Sorry for the delay WhaleMusic, but with Zombie Jesus statutory holiday and ANZAC day and insane robots trying to kill me I've been busy... Oh so very busy... ^_^

Completed Shadow Sanctus Captain! Hooray!

More stuff I've done:
- Tried to tone down the purple highlights and tie them together with a few diluted washes. Result: Mixed success. The front ones look OK, but now they've lost some of their pop. The back ones, who can say... I've been looking at them too long ^_^
- Gem Stones are done. Not happy with a couple of them, but only noticed the problem when they're blown up on the photos... Usual method of doing them, just using the greens and yellows instead of the red, orange and yellows...
- The backpack! I've said it before I'll say it again. I dislike Space Marine backpacks. They're boring as hell and seem to take forever... Pain in the ass...
- Completed the Base with one more drybrush of a light grey and then added some brown plant stuff. No clue what the model name is...

Stuff I'm not happy with:
- The handle part of the weapon under the guard is rough as hell. If I'd noticed it before hand I would of tried to chip away some of the superglue build up, but I didn't. Bah...
- No freehand... Again... Sorry Whalemusic, don't feel confident to slap some freehand on him so this is how he ends. I know I should be trying it, but honestly I didn't have the heart to screw it up and have to fix what I've shanked...


This ends my Trade Marine Obligations... I think? Anyway, I'm moving onto a project for myself next. It involves 12 miniatures, all ordered from GW Direct which cost me an arm and a leg... But I wanted specific miniatures... If anyone wants to guess about what the 12 miniatures are for shout out... I'll give you naming rights of one of them if you get it... Hmmm what has 12 miniatures in a GW game?
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day two of this trade marine. Obvious additions are the head and the arm. I'm liking how it's all coming together... Took some extra special attention with the head & I think it's paid off quite well.

Done today:
- Smoothed out the purple a little bit. I felt the transitions were stringy... If that can be used to descibe painting?
- The helm is done with Bolt Gun > Base Gold (Andrea Paints). Then a glaize of Sepia, then detail lines with Orgyn Flesh, then Devlan Mud and then finally black. To highlight the gold I used base again followed by White Gold (Andrea Paints).
- The eyes and head gem were done with my regular gem technique. I might have to redo the left eye (His right), it looks a little funny...
- The Base: Pretty simple, did four layers of greys, each drybrushed...

To Do:
- Detail work: Gems, parchment wording, etc. - I'm a little unsure about what color to make the leg laurel, I was thinking gold, but I might be a little overboard on the gold, maybe green? - A little more work on the weapon. It's a dark grey right now, might lighten it up a couple of touches of grey... - The Backpack! Crap! I forgot the backpack... AGAIN! *sigh* - Anything else I can think of, or get told about from all of you :D
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trade Marine Again...

Trade Marine Day One... I got some inspiration to paint yesterday and decided I'd start WhaleMusic's trade Marine. I'm also using the Dakka Image Gallery since Flickr has broken everything else and I haven't gotten around to fixing everything...

Anyway, Day one:


- Red was airbrushed on. Then I highlighted it by hand. Still needs a bit of work and places need touching up.
- The purple is me trying a new color than my regular one, the highlights look a little weird so ill do a little more work there. I haven't started the purple ropes yet though. So I'll try it there first.
- I've taken a little more care with the gold than normal, but I think I've gone to far now. Might have to pull it back and start again in places.
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Venerable Dreadnought Complete

From Upload

From Upload

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Grrr, somethings wrong with my Picasa program... Can't get them to upload from the default and it's screwed up my settings...

Finally completed my metal Venerable Dreadnought. I've been putting this off for too long and I think the final result has suffered a little bit because of it. But overall I'm quite pleased with the look. It's the first time I've really tried the weathering like this and the result, for me, is good. It's the one thing that was missing on the tank I did and the last dreadnought I painted and the fact that there is so much wasted space looks wrong, so learning the weathering technique is something I'm quite happy with, and as with all things practice will make perfect...

I was going to take the advice I was given and go with all the lenses the same color, but when I'd done all the targeting circle lenses I made the decision that the helmet lens had to be a different color. I was umming and erring about using blue or the red, but as it was going to be highlighted by the gold helmet I figured the red was the way to go. Maybe a little less bold, but more in keeping with the theme I had going...

The other thing I did a little different was really push the purity seal brightness so the vivid green really stood out. Not sure if it works and chances are I might tone them down a little later, but they really catch the eye...

Not really much else for me to say... As always I appreciate any and all comments and constructive criticism about my stuff... I'm still learning... ^_^