Monday, April 25, 2011

Don't ask me how he uses the weapon...

Sorry for the delay WhaleMusic, but with Zombie Jesus statutory holiday and ANZAC day and insane robots trying to kill me I've been busy... Oh so very busy... ^_^

Completed Shadow Sanctus Captain! Hooray!

More stuff I've done:
- Tried to tone down the purple highlights and tie them together with a few diluted washes. Result: Mixed success. The front ones look OK, but now they've lost some of their pop. The back ones, who can say... I've been looking at them too long ^_^
- Gem Stones are done. Not happy with a couple of them, but only noticed the problem when they're blown up on the photos... Usual method of doing them, just using the greens and yellows instead of the red, orange and yellows...
- The backpack! I've said it before I'll say it again. I dislike Space Marine backpacks. They're boring as hell and seem to take forever... Pain in the ass...
- Completed the Base with one more drybrush of a light grey and then added some brown plant stuff. No clue what the model name is...

Stuff I'm not happy with:
- The handle part of the weapon under the guard is rough as hell. If I'd noticed it before hand I would of tried to chip away some of the superglue build up, but I didn't. Bah...
- No freehand... Again... Sorry Whalemusic, don't feel confident to slap some freehand on him so this is how he ends. I know I should be trying it, but honestly I didn't have the heart to screw it up and have to fix what I've shanked...


This ends my Trade Marine Obligations... I think? Anyway, I'm moving onto a project for myself next. It involves 12 miniatures, all ordered from GW Direct which cost me an arm and a leg... But I wanted specific miniatures... If anyone wants to guess about what the 12 miniatures are for shout out... I'll give you naming rights of one of them if you get it... Hmmm what has 12 miniatures in a GW game?
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  1. I like the finish result although I am not sure about the base. Is it going to be a display model only?
    Mmmmm what's 12 in warhammer...? The Council of Thirteen maybe? :P

  2. Very nice work! The cloak turned out rather well I think, and the model as a whole is beautiful. Looking forward to your next project!

  3. Thanks guys.

    @Antipope: Yeah the base is somewhat lacking and the cast isn't perfect. It's shame that sometimes I don't notice these things until they're already painted...

    As for what I'm doing next, only one person guess right! I'm replacing all twelve of the Space Hulk Terminators with other miniatures. I'll post up the starting photos of them, plus my reasons for the project, tomorrow ^_^