Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day two of this trade marine. Obvious additions are the head and the arm. I'm liking how it's all coming together... Took some extra special attention with the head & I think it's paid off quite well.

Done today:
- Smoothed out the purple a little bit. I felt the transitions were stringy... If that can be used to descibe painting?
- The helm is done with Bolt Gun > Base Gold (Andrea Paints). Then a glaize of Sepia, then detail lines with Orgyn Flesh, then Devlan Mud and then finally black. To highlight the gold I used base again followed by White Gold (Andrea Paints).
- The eyes and head gem were done with my regular gem technique. I might have to redo the left eye (His right), it looks a little funny...
- The Base: Pretty simple, did four layers of greys, each drybrushed...

To Do:
- Detail work: Gems, parchment wording, etc. - I'm a little unsure about what color to make the leg laurel, I was thinking gold, but I might be a little overboard on the gold, maybe green? - A little more work on the weapon. It's a dark grey right now, might lighten it up a couple of touches of grey... - The Backpack! Crap! I forgot the backpack... AGAIN! *sigh* - Anything else I can think of, or get told about from all of you :D
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  1. Overall very nice. Maybe you could do a glaze on the cloak to smooth out some of the highlights? And I think the laurel would be just fine in gold.

  2. Thanks Antipope.

    I agree the purple needs to smoothed out a touch more. Hopefully it works ^_^

  3. Yeah, glazes can work wonders.The only issue is when you use too much of the paint so the glaze becomes a wash with unfortunate results (I've learned the hard way)but the right amount will give it a good finish.

    I also think your edge highlights could be a little bit brighter but then again I know how miniature photography can eat up the colours and details so you can only judge correctly from up close.

  4. Looking good! The colors you've chosen are quite striking, I'd stick with gold for the leg laurel as well, you don't want to get too many colors on the model in my opinion. Can't wait to see it finished!