Thursday, April 28, 2011

Space Hulk replacements

Alrighty! Here's the starting miniatures for my Space Hulk Replacements.

I really like Space Hulk. It's a fun game (Which I always lose, but thats beside the point), but the biggest problem I've always had is with the awesome looking Terminators dying so easily in close combat against the Genestealers! A normal solution might be to play better so you never get into close combat, but I'm not that good, plus this way I get to paint stuff I don't normally get to paint, so here we go:

Inquisitor Space Hulk Assault Warband GO!

In the Character / Leader department we have an Inquisitor and Lord Commissar taking over the roles as Sarge's, and a Primaries Psyker as the Librarian. Other choices for the Psyker were potentially the Assassin Psyker, or an Eldar character. Seeing the Psyker miniature sold me though. It looks cool

The Specials, ie the unique weapon choices and such we have a Death-Cult Assassin as the lightning claws, as the Assault Cannon we have Gunnery Sergeant Harker. For the heavy Flamer and Trooper with a chain fist we've got a Kasrikn flamer and Sarge.

Filling out the troopers are regular Kasrikn troopers. I was considering using normal IG minis, but the fact of the matter is they look naff. The Kasrikns look mean as hell and the hotshot lasguns look neat too. They require some reshaping, but overall I'm quite happy with them.

So there you have it. The starting shots of my Space Hulk Replacements.. . Knowing how slow I paint, this is gonna take me forever... I might get good at the game before I finish! HA!Oh and the bases are square for ease of space hulk positioning and such. I didn't have enough square bases so a few have circles for now ^_^
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    1. Thanks man. Pretty simple to do. Although I've rethought the Kasrkins... not sure what to use. I might go back to them :D