Thursday, May 19, 2011

The boring update... After a Disaster...

So begins my tale of woe:
I'm normally one to have a small disaster when I'm painting something, especially something for myself, but this time the disaster was forced upon me by my niece... She came over while I was painting (With her Dad) and was... unleashed is the best term...

I go down stairs to talk, they leave, I go back to my painting table and the miniature I've put about six hours into is sporting a brand new bright orange smattering of paint and several finger prints... and if that wasn't enough there was orange paint all over my painting desk...

And so begins the cleaning... The desk was easy, but alas the inquisitor was reduced to a disaster... I have had to subject him to a dip to begin anew tomorrow... Don't get me wrong, I love my family but holy crap I'm pissed...
ANYWAY! To go along with this most boring update in the world I have the bases I'm using! That's right! Instead of a Figure update, you get bases! ;Woohoo! Break out the amazement...

The bases were pretty easy:
- Square base with a square bit of plasticard and then a few extras chucked on top as I wanted.
- Undercoat in black
- Heavy Drybrush with Charcoal (Dark Grey)
- Medium Drybrush with Battle Grey (Medium Grey)
- Light Drybrush with Astronomican Grey (Light Grey)
- Sponge on Black, Brown, Silver for base rust - Use some pigments to give it a little more "reality". I'm not so good with the pigments yet.
- Put some wash in the cracks / Cuts.


Still needs to be varnished otherwise the pigments walk away every time you handle them. Simple but effective enough. I wanted the Bases to impart a sense of devastation and ruin. And yes, before someone tells me I am aware that a vacuum doesn't create rust, but my space hulk has an atmosphere inside... And it's moist... So things Rust... I WIN!

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  1. Calm

    Deep intact of breath

    It's OK it happens to everyone ;)

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