Monday, August 9, 2010

Trade Marine - Day Eight: Cloak and Daggers! Well Axe's really... ^_^

It continues! Small steps seem to be the way for right now... Silly work getting in the way... What do I need money for... Silly rent, food and lifestyle... Bah ^_^

Cloak started. Took some advice and made the inside cream. I think it frames the front of him quite well. The back has the basecoat and some washes on it. Still need to highlight it and probably add some gold trim in there somewhere. Cream might of looked nice, but I am partial to purple...

Buckle thing done. Gold and Green. Still can't believe I didn't think of green for the Laurels!? Looks good too. It's a shame the shield will cover 95% of it ^_^

Weapon started. I wanted the weapon to look like a relic and went with this very light grey. Going to rim it with a watered down blue wash and probably feather some white onto the sharp points. I don't know if I like the silver of the mechanical part with the white blade parts. They're very similar, maybe redo them in gold?

I've been playing around with maybe leaving the shield off as well... Going through my bitz box I found a nice storm bolter that might work... and there's a few other things I could try... I might have to model some choices...

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