Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trade Marine - Day Four: Work the body! *thud thud thud*

I have started to highlight the red. It's a little hard to see but I'm using a technique that is meant to be like blending... I haven't quite perfected it yet, but it's getting there. I think it needs a lighter color to help it out. So far all I've used is pure Scab Red and a Scab Red with a touch of Dwarf Flesh to lighten it up... Maybe tomorrow a touch more Dwarf Flesh... ^_^

Started on the cream for the body as well. P3 paint is bloody good. Even watered down to a good thin consistency it only took three coats to cover the black. Much better than the Scab Red did yesterday... I'm slowly going to be replacing a lot of my GW version paints... I recently purchased some metallics from "Andrea Color" if they perform then I won't be buying any more paint from GW...

I'm going to start the lining for the cream later this afternoon. Tomorrow is more red work and possibly the first layer for metallics. Still not sure what I want to do for the weapon... Green might look nice; like Thomas from Minivault uses for his Blood Ravens...
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  1. I like what I see so far, keep up the good work :)
    I always highlighted my reds with oranges, never thought of using Dwarf Flesh for that. Sounds like it will give a more natural appearance so I will try it next time I paint something red ;)

  2. Yeah, I used to use oranges as well, but they were far to harsh a transition, and straight yellow just lead to more orange. Dwarf Flesh is almost a brown so the darkness of the red stays prominent...