Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trade Marine - Day Seven: Leather & Buckles & Bling! OH MY!

Omg day Seven... Kill me now! Hehehe, nah it's not to bad really... Rainy Sunday afternoons were designed for painting me thinks; especially in winter... Anyway, he's finally starting to come together; adding more color always seems to help.

Worked on today:
Armor: Did a few touch ups on the red armor; hopefully lifting the brightness in places and correcting a few blends in others. I don't think I can risk adding anymore paint to the red, it's already pretty thick so this might be the final red, except for touch ups... ^_^

Seals and Parchment: Green for the seals was a no-brainer. Connects with the eyes, and gives a change from the browns and creams. I'm not totally sold on the color of the parchment yet. Looks a little to similar to the cream. Maybe another layer of sepia to tone it down a little. Maybe even a slightly watered Flesh wash over it...

Leather: I'm really bad at leather. Like Catastrophic bad. I have a lot of trouble with it. I've tried blending it, I've tried drybrushing it. Hated them all... Hence I usually cop out with the wash heavy method you can see.

Sweet Zombie Jesus... I'm a slow painter :D


Green Recipe:
Dark Angels Green Base
Goblin Green touch ups
3:1 water / Scorpion Green touches
Green wash
1:1 Water / Sepia wash to darken the recesses.

Parchment Recipe:
Bleached Bone. Many layers.
x2 Sepia washes (Maybe another)

Leather Recipe:
P3 Knacksack brown
Devlan Mud x2
Highlight with thinned Knacksack brown (You'll be able to see wear it goes as the wash will be lighter)
Sepia wash to tie the highlight down.

Now I'm at a real loss of what color to do the cloak and the waist buckle thing. The Buckle needs to a light color. Either Gold or Cream. The cape I'm thinking purple... So help me pick! Tell me what you think it should be! Chances are I'll just do what you tell me... I'm weak like that... ^_^

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