Friday, August 13, 2010

Blood Raven Captain Complete

*phew* Done... That backpack nearly did me in... I was so unsure what to do color-wise that getting my head around it to actually paint it was something of an accomplishment unto itself... I'm sure everyone has days like that... And I'm sure the two coffee's and a red bull didn't help my painting out today... But at least I painted it mwahahaha…

I have taken ten photos from all angles, but only five are posted (Really? duh...). If you want to see all ten my flicker photostream is located here. Wow! I also just realized that I have now been doing this hobby for two whole years!! WooHoo! Go me! ^_^

Done today:
Backpack: The backpack comes from the Death Company box. I filed away some of the markings, but felt the tear-drop gem was ok left, especially since I was going to paint it green... (And with the amount of caffeine in my system painting it was a feat...) The colors are all found on other parts of him. Nothing knew used here. “Faith” seemed to be a Blood Raven word. I was tempted to try “Knowledge”, but that space was pretty small… The ‘H’ looks a little funny… I might redo it… But I doubt it…
Base: Base was quite simple when I found what colors Roleplayer uses. Basecoated, then layers of drybrushing. The cork gives lots of good little ridges to for the brush to catch, so it has that good stone effect.

Stone:Battle Grey Foundation as base
Black wash
Battle Grey for first drybrush
Codex grey for second drybrush
fortress gray for third drybrush
White for final.

Earth:Calthan brown for base
Devlan mud wash
Calthan Brown for first Drybrush
Snakebite Leather for Second Drybrush
Bleached bone for Third Drybrush

Each drybrush should be lighter, building on the colors that come before it.

Freehand? What’s that you ask? Where’s the freehand? Truth be told, my freehand skills are abysmal, and I’m rather happy with this guy. If I can think of a pattern which might be easily done I may attempt it… Especially on the cream part of his cloak on his bottom right, that space looks little flat… I was thinking maybe some small purple swirl thing… But that’s something to ponder in the next few days…

As always I would love to hear some feedback and constructive criticism. What you do like, what you think I need to work on… It all helps me when I start something new, so please help me improve.

Oh, and if you like / don’t like the constant updates where I go into detail of how I do things please tell me. I’m trying to decide if I should keep doing them ^_^

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  1. I really like this guy. Don't really have any critisism but if I had to nitpick I would say that the paint on the axe looks a bit rough and uneven. Maybe you didn't dilute the colour enough? But that's about it. Excellent job nonetheless!