Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Night Check-in

So it's been about five weeks since I took up the brush again , and things are going well. I'm still wanting to paint, and that's a good thing. I think part of it is having a dedicated time to paint at night, it makes me want to go and paint... Also having a multitude of things ready for painting at once is a pretty good idea. I've got my Blood Angels which is an ongoing project, also my re-imagined Mordheim witch-hunter warband, plus my Firestorm Armada fleet going at the same time. I've also got a chaos thing... Not quite sure what it is, I've thrown out the box... Whoops... Rather than feel over-whelmed at the scope of everything it's nice to have different array of miniatures with different feels to them going at the same time. 

In other good news category I've found my recipe book with the colours I use for certain things. I thought I had the right recipe for my firestone gems, but I had it all wrong. Might have to put some of them up here to help me remember... Also in the good news category I found a some of the miniature prizes I'd won in painting competitions. I have a lot more vehicles than I thought... Hehehe...

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