Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trade Marine - Weathered up. And Floating Head Syndrome PART DEUX!

After talking with the guy who is getting the miniature, and some helpful hints about the eyes I've gone back and made some changes. I've used weathering powder in various places, part of it looks dirty and other parts look rusty... Still, the overall effect is quite nice ^_^

The eyes have been fully redone. The finished result is much better and much more in line with how it should look. Kudos to everyone who pointed out the subtle look of the eyes before. It's much better now.
Now with Dirt!
I've also started something else I've been putting off now for awhile...

Some of you may remember I my house got burgled awhile ago, while I was working on my own army of Blood Angels and some of my stuff was trashed when it happened. I've never restarted the army, as I haven't really felt like it. But I decided as part of my 'get back to painting' thing I should go back and keep going. This meant finishing off the last guy for one of the squads of assault marines. So I spent 90 minutes last night working on his helmet. Yup 90 minutes... This is why I don't speed paint stuff... Because I CAN'T speed paint. It escapes me... Ah well... I like the look of the helmet though... That must count for something right?!
Floating heads! They're all around me!

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