Monday, July 8, 2013


I'm not fully happy with the end product. I was actually half tempted to start again last night, but I restrained myself... In the end I went with a plain and worn metal for the claws. So much of this mini screams utilitarian rather than flare like other figures. As such he almost looks a little plain... the gold helps, but I could see people going the other end of the spectrum and making him very pretty as well... Oh well...

I'm happy the eyes came out half-way decent, it's been awhile since I've tried fine control. The last touch I'm unsure of is weathering, I was going to dirty him up quite a bit, and I still might, but I wanted to check with the guy who will end up with him if this is something his army has or not...

As always I appreciated you taking the time to have a look. Any and all offers of constructive criticism is accepted and muchly appreciated ^_^


  1. Cool, love the contrast the red helmet brings

  2. hi
    i think you're too critical with yourself, but i agree that a bit of weathering or a couple of drybrush shades can improve the figure; anyway, it's a good job!