Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kill the alien, burn the heretic and purge the Unclean!

Finished off the Death Watch Marine finally. Took me a little while longer than I thought it would, but I like the finished result ^_^

Done today:
Retouched the Plasma gun: I went over it with the blue again, the finished result is a little stronger than what it was, but I still think it works. I got some advice to take the blue all the way up to white on the edges and I've taken it to one step below pure white. I think it looks quite good; adds to the glow effect.

Done the pack: Blood Angel pack, couple of gems and a silver chain. Nothing to special there...

Scratches: I've had multiple people comment on the scratches I'd applied. Some said the white was to bright, others said it was fine, and a I got a lot of good advice through it as well. I've done the pack scratches in a slighty darker grey, and tried to add smaller ones to hopefully break up the camo look.

Base: While the base isn't exactly how Gitsplitta does his I hope it looks ok...

That should be it... I hope
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