Friday, December 10, 2010

Shadow Sanctus Captain - Start

Here we go again...

My final trade marine for the year and I'm going out with a bang... After the destruction of the regular Shadow Sanctus Marine I was sending to WhaleMusic I decided to go the extra mile and make a command mini for him instead... From the Masters of the Chapter boxset, the hammer guy has had his hammer replaced with a chainsword to make a chain halberd. I've also chosen to go the helmeted road as well. The head comes from the Sanguinary Guard Box-set. I was going to give him a death mask for awhile but dunno how it'd look if not done in gold...

Took me ages to get the bloody chainsword on the end of the pole. In the end I drilled out each bit and stuck some bronze tubing in there to make sure it was stable. Same with how he's attached to the base. Still got a bit of prep work to do before painting starts though:

The cracks in his cape and above the knee need to be filled.
There's a few more mold lines hanging around.
Nothing is actually attached except the body to the base; I'm going to do the head separately and attach towards the end. Same with the weapon arm...
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