Saturday, March 17, 2012

Witch-Hound - Starting position

My new project is going to be a Witch-Hound from the Avatars of War range. Instead if giving this figure away I might actually keep him for my Mordheim Witch Hunter Warband... Shocking I know... But hey... every once and awhile I do keep these things ^_^

The miniature itself is pretty badass; good pose, good sculpt. Colorwise I'm going to start with black and layer up with grey. Metal is going to be very burnished gold, I'll probably weather up the bottom of his coat at the end.

I've decided the base is going to be a wooden floor, in my mind I see the Witch-Hunter emerging from hiding to break-up a heretic ritual. If I get around to it I could possibly make this a whole diorama thing... But that'll be down the track... Anyway, I made this base to look like a rough wooden floor. It's pretty easy to do...

Items used: Fine-tooth saw, strip of plastic card, a base!

Method: Either vice the strip down or hold it down to the table at one end. Apply pressure and drag the saw-teeth along the plastic strip. NOTE: Do this on a cutting board or surface you don't mind being roughed up!!

You'll need to do this several times. Depending on how often you do it, you can change the level of roughness of the wood. Do it many times and you'll have a rough looking well used tavern feel. Do it a few times and you'll have a nice polished floor... I've gone for about five times here.

Then cut the strips and apply them to the base. You'll want to cut them and lay them so you've got cuts in various places. Once everything is dry take a needle or a pin tool and add some nail holes at the end of each cut. If you want to weather things more then add small cuts and nicks in the wood. Simple as that!

That's the prep phase!! Tune in next time for painting... Ain't I a stinker!! ^_^

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