Thursday, March 15, 2012

Be Quietz! I hunting 'Umies!

Completed. ORKS ARE FUN! If you're bored, paint an Ork! The lenses look worse than last time, but its because of the light used for the photo...

Done today:

 - The base: Simple base, sand with some rock looking stuff, I wanted it to be crumbly clay like surface to weather his boots/legs in it. Fits in nicely with the brown leather, meaning the colors aren't to in your face with contrast to the green. Used quite a bit of weathering powder.
 - Backpack: I was tempted to use different colors, but figured that'd look wrong with the leather I've got going already. I decided that the potato mashers would be red on the end, dunno why, but I think that Vent needs something to be red on a miniature... And I'm talking about myself in 3rd person... That cannot be good...
 - Got a comment to darken up the goggles like the blades and it seems to work quite well, simply went over the silver with black ink and then highlighted.

Everything else is pretty much the same... ^_^

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