Thursday, February 23, 2012

We interrupt scheduled programming...

To say I've been burgled... :(

Mother Frakkers people... Mother frakkers suck... Big time... Got home on Wednesday night and found a window open. They'd pried it open and gotten inside. The good news is that the alarm did its job and went off pretty quick meaning they got out without too much stuff.

Now I can hear some of you asking, why is he putting this on his blog, while sad it's not exactly what you'd call painting news. Well the room they broke into was my painting room, and while the miniatures might be heroes and villains of various shapes, sizes, genders and universes; alas they fared poorly against the aggression of trespassers... I've now got minis in various stages of development, some finished, broken, some are snap jobs, but others have been... Attacked... Almost look they've been stomped on... One of the biggest kickers are my brushes. I get attached to brushes and take a lot of care with them, they've been scattered across the room, some snapped, all damaged in some way...

Now to anyone who has read my previous post regarding why we paint you'll know how I feel in regards to seeing a miniature destroyed. It is a mind numbing pain... More so than having my camera, compressor and airbrush stolen. To say this hurts your motivation to paint is an understatement... That is all. I hope to paint something, but truth be told I really don't feel like it...

This is just frakked up and I am unhappy... :(


  1. Such a bummer dude, hope you can recover the models, they may never be the same I know but even a repaired and repainted model done by you will outstrip the quality of minis most of us mortals produce :)

    And having been robbed a few times I still can't believe we can't mantrap our houses here in NZ....

    1. Thanks Blackhand. It's amazing what vicious ideas float through your mind in the wake of a burglary. Man-Traps, Tiger Pits, sharks with friggin lasers on their heads... Alas, it's not meant to be...

  2. Been meaning to post for a while and it doesn't let me on my PC so will try on the ancient laptop which does for some reason.
    One of the things that has been abundantly clear recently for me is don't let other frakkers affect your enjoyment of your hobby. Or though hobbyists rarely post to show their support they are out there and they appreciate the energy you put into the hobby. As soon as you pick up a paint brush, a mini, a wargame you become a hobbyist. Don't let anyone define who you are, you the hobbyist defines who you truly are.
    With some more stunning work with orks this time I'll be one that still follows your painting journey mate. I hope everything sorts itself out and karma comes to those who have wronged you. Let me know if I can help in anyway.

    Peace out.