Thursday, February 2, 2012

Everything in this world exists to wear you down...

As part of my resolution to paint more this year, and as I'm waiting on an orc to come in, I'm starting to paint other things than miniatures. Today is Scenery. I find the concept of me painting scenery to amusing, as I've never actually played a game, and currently don't have to many plans to do so in the immediate future. None-the-less I'm painting some bunker scenery which I've had floating around for awhile. For the most part these will be done with my airbrush. The rough nature of the scenery means that drybrushing is really the only other option. There's a bunch of connecting tunnels and such, which I haven't started, just figured I'd use the bunker as my Test Mini.


1) I primed the Bunker with Uniform Grey undercoat from Army Painter. I'm actually quite excited to able to use Army Painter stuff. We've got a new company in New Zealand called '[url=]Slave to Painting[/url]' which has actually taken the bold step of filling in all the paperwork for customs approval to bring in the paint. They're also doing a whole bunch of other things which means they'll pretty much be my go-to place for paints, bases and other stuff from now on. Quite surprised that no one has tried this before... I hope they do well. Being able to undercoat in colors appeals to me greatly...
2) I then airbrushed whole thing with Burnt Sienna Hue from Golden Artist paints. Then Raw Sienna Hue from the top down. I then added some Titanium White to the mix and did the very top. Then the Transparent Shading Gray around the base.
3) Filled in the gaps with black ink to make it look like the walls are plated. Looking at it now I think that a dark brown ink would of been better. But Black is OK.
4) Started on the details:
 - The power lines going in opposite directions is just the colors I use for gems. For the Green: Dark Angel > Goblin > Scorpion > Yellow > White. For the Red: Scab > Gore > Blood Angel > Blazing Orange > Yellow > White.
 - Door Outings. Straight Black and Dark Sun Yellow Bright yellow mix then weathering.
 - The sci-fi writing is just Darksun and Flesh tone mixed together.
 - Guiding lights: Just quick puffs with the Airbrush. They need a touch up with some wash in places.

Still to do:
1) The door. All the little bits and pieces need some work. Buttons and what not. Bit of rust and more weathering
2) the chimney thing. Dunno what I'm gonna do here. I'm thinking of making it a power connection to a gun emplacement on the roof.
3) The rest of them!!


  1. Those bunkers are pretty cool, I'm guessing they are 28mm?
    Would be interesting to use in Infinity, remember where you got them from?

    1. Alas no, got them at a swap meet when I was 14, long before I started painting things. No known maker or brand.