Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blood Angels - Assault Marine Test Mini WiP

Day Two!

Not really day two, more like the accumulation of many small bits of painting as I've been giving my hand time to rest and recover over the past few days... The very fine detail work still escapes me as you'll notice from the helmet lenses, however they're passable for me ^_^

Done today:

- Helmet. Base coated with the Foundation yellow, heavily watered down. Then I've given it a few coats of really watered down wash to darken it and get into the corners. Almost 2:1 water to wash. This helps spread out the wash and you don't get those streaks. Only problem is the drying time, but hey, you can't have everything. Then I've gone over it again with the yellow and then added some bright yellow to the mix and gone over parts of it again. The Chalice on his helm was going to be gold and probably still will be, but it'll be lightened up quite a lot so there's a contrast between the yellow and gold.
- Wings. I went with White and Grey for the wings on his left shoulder. I was going to go with gold, but I like this enough and it's a good contrast, plus it's easy :D

Everything else is pretty standard for me.
Gold is boltgun > Dark Gold > Medium Gold > Orgyn Wash > Light Gold
Seals are Dark Green > Medium Green > Light Green (Still need to another green / yellow there)

To do:

- The armor needs touching up in places. Some of it looks messy as so I'll do that as well, this is more from my inexperience with my airbrush than anything else...
- The weapons! For the life of me I have no idea what to paint the housing of the flamer... Some of the GW stuff shows them as black for housing and silver for the internals, and I might try that, but I think a different kind of red might be nice? Opinions? Anyone?
- Gemstones! This one has a crap load of gemstones to do, and I'm not sure which colors to do. Fire gems or Green stones. You can see examples of either in the thread somewhere... Green is nice and makes a good contrast for the red, but he's a Blood Angel... And he's using a flamer! So maybe Fire gems? Gah... I'm not usually this indecisive...
- Jump pack lightning? Should I go with blue? Or would adding another color mess the balance up? Dunno... Batting a thousand today aren't I...

As you can tell I need help making some decisions, I'm a mess... And please note these color choices will be applied to the whole squad... :D
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