Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In an effort to stave off absolute boredom I decided to try and paint some stuff using my Airbrush. While I've used it for undercoating before the concept of fine control wasn't something I had tried, and bored as I was it seemed like a good idea at the time ^_^

Drawing heavily from Eggrolls Blood Angels I figured I'd give it a go with the red (Vent... Work with Red you say?! Surely not... And don't call me Shirley...) Overall I think its quite interesting, like anything, the more I use the airbrush, the better I get, and I think I require a few more squads before I'm fully comfortable with it. That being said, it is hellishly quick to do, so I imagine I'll be using it more for squad work...

I think the biggest thing I learned from today is too contrast the colors, go for a really large shift in colors to make things really pop. I think you could go from black to high end red if you wanted to and the effect would look pretty cool...

Dunno about the fine detail brush work and my hand yet... maybe in a couple of days... But yay! Painting! :D

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  1. I found the best way for me was to pre-shade the model with the airbrush (grey undercoat, white for highlights and black for the shadows) and then spray an even coat of blood red over the whole miniature. I think it works very well and gave my model 3 distinct tones.

    I like what I see on your models this far and I can't wait to see them finished.

  2. Ahhh interesting. So each shade of black becomes different when the red is applied. Nice! Might have to give that a try. Thanks man!

  3. Antipope's suggestion is pretty popular and yields great results, but honestly I like yours just fine. Is your eventual goal to be able to paint fine details with the airbrush, or is this just a base-coating technique for you?

  4. Definitely just the base coating, and maybe some work on the power weapons right now.

  5. I used the method Vent described, and really love it. I do add a little orange over the blood red at the end though. Airbrushing is the way to go, since it eliminated brush strokes. It even works really well with watered down washes.