Monday, June 14, 2010

Witch-Hunter Captain Done!

This pace is slowly killing me... What's worse is the fact that my painting chair is NOT comfortable for looooong periods of time. Two hours? Fine. Four hours? Heeeeell no. Longer? You'll be in pain for the night... *sigh* Anyway, ,y finished Witch Hunter Captain. Took me a full afternoon from say 1pm till 5pm, and then some little bits of extra time as I was doing the base... Four days left. Two Figures to go... Gonna be tight, especially if I want to get some scenery done as well...

- Some people said my metals were to bright so I've given the metal a wash of Sepia after the black to take most of the shine off. Must say I kind of like the look for Fantasy-type armor...
- I've had a few people ask for various color recipes; when I'm finished I'll sit down and try and remember how I did them, most are simply foundation colors with a little bit of bleached bone added to lighten them and a crap load of washes.
- The face may look little black, had a splotch of Black wash land there, not quite sure how but had to do some rescue work...
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  1. Really nice. I especially like the yellow. Good luck with getting everything finished.