Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Night Progress Report

So another week draws to a close... You know when you think there's only 52 of these in a year you realise how quickly they go... Anyway... Things done:

 - Finished a Squad: This is somewhat more momentous than most would leave to believe. I don't normally paint squads... I'm more of a one miniature kind of person... Don't ask me why... Anyway, this squad is the start of my Blood Angel army... It's going to be a long term process, and no doubt I'll get bored here and there and then move on to something else... Oh well ^_^

Burn everything!
 - Prepped Death Company: I don't know how but I've lost one of them... The bastard did a runner! ARGH! How do you lose a miniature between undercoating and your painting room?! Gah... I blame my cat... Little devil... ANYWAY! Prepped them and they're ready for painting.

 - Prepped Space Hulk Replacement Mini: Another of my long term plans is my replacement Space Hulk Inquisitor Warband... I'm on to my assault cannon replacement... I can't remember what it was called... but here's the image

Second from the left...
So, what's my motivation level like?

Actually, it's pretty good. I was happy to finally get around to finishing off the squad, but unlike what I normally do when I finish something (Which is take a long break), I kept going with the prep work. I'm not sure which I'll start with, might be both at the same time...

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