Thursday, September 2, 2010

Temple Guard Test Figure

Alrighty, finished my Temple Guard test figure. It's quite simple when I look at him now, but it took some redoing of parts over and over again.
The biggest of all is the shield. Going from the green to red seems like such a no brainer now, but if you'd told me to do it before I would never have thought of it. But that's why I like to post WIP's, so people can give me pointers and ideas. Shield is Mechanite Red, then a devlan Mud wash with a blood red for the rim ridges. The cream is menoth base and menoth highlight a little brightness. Also changes the cream from the bone.
I'm kind of tempted to redo some of the bone, but I probably wont...
The eyes are simple yellow dots. I was considering going for something like slits, but this is meant to be speed painted... Which I suck at, but you get that...
Someone else also said the blade looked very dull so I went with black and then granite for a single highlight.

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