Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shadow Sactus Assault Marine

Finally got around to finishing off this trade marine... I swear I'm getting slower at painting... First off, the photos are not that great. Bad weather, and only two lights equals a slightly washed out red armor. I've really tried to push the blending, and while it's only worked to a certain extent, the photos don't show the true finished color that well.

Done today:
Added Snow. Mix a bit of snow flock up with PVA glue and apply. then dust some more over the top to make it all sparkly.
Back Pack: The very bane of my existence is a SM Back Pack, I stab thee in thine eye... Standard colors, just annoying...
Writing: I was thinking of making this a ribbon thing and having it be all different colors. Then I realised I was painting a SPACE MARINE, not an eldar... :D
Knee Pad. Nothing shocking. Just made it Blue. *GASP!*

Music listened to: Wicked Original Cast Soundtrack... Showtunes ftw!

Thought for the day: Why does 'watching paint dry' get a bad wrap? Water leaches from the paint into the air and leaves behind a solidified form! That's bitching! And I've been drinking to much coffee... Weeeeee... Pictures!

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