Friday, May 7, 2010

Sanguinary Guard WiP 2

*phew* Finally got some time to paint. Life has been kicking me in the gut for the past few weeks... Day two of my Sanguinary Guard test model. Things are coming together quite nicely. I've gone with black stoned fire gems because I find them easier to do and I feel it gives the miniature a little more zing. The wings look quite good, a little dry-brushing error on my part on some of the larger feathers, but they look alright. Power-sword is in silver. I totally screwed up the blue, and I mean totally, so they look a patchy even in silver...

Just got the chapter banner to add and the mini will be done. Some of the highlights are a little washed out because of the light I used for the photo, but I couldn't be assed getting the whole thing set up for WiP Photos... I'm lazy like that ^_^


  1. Is.... is he missing a hand?

  2. *sigh* No one reads the text... Still got the chapter banner add ^_^