Friday, January 2, 2015

Not Dead Yet!

As Stormy says 'You can't outrun who you are'... I think I'll always be a painter of some sort. Part of my problem is work, part of my problem is a short attention span. ANYWAY, I've been painting X-Wing Miniatures again. This time it's the Rebel Alliance getting some love!

I used this A-Wing more to get a feel for the colours I wanted to use, I know it wasn't going to be red like my imperial stuff, but I was unsure what I wanted to do so I started slapping some paint on. Eventually I got things figured out, and I'm pretty happy. Undercoating another A-Wing, a B-Wing, and a couple of Y-Wings today and should follow a similar colour scheme to this one. I'll get to the X-Wings when I've got other things nailed down, although they have the smallest surface areas of all the ships I think...

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