Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On things with wings...

So I have actually been painting... I mean, I've been painting without updating. Partly because of laziness... Partly because of the funny way Google blogs was working for awhile... Either way, stuff done... ^_^

So I've been spreading out to other things lately, and decided to start with some Imperial Stuff from X-Wing. I started with the shuttle and then decided to do some escorts...

Once this was done I decided to add more, so there could be more options to play with. That meant some TIE's... Four seemed like a good idea, and one needed to be an ace. 

 So that's left me with a pretty large squadron. I'm going to add a firespray in there somewhere ^_^

A lot of these were done very quickly with my airbrush, and I gotta say I would do things very differently if I did them again... Which I'm going to be... As I'm selling these ^_^

So what else have I been doing? Well... As much trouble as I have with GW some times I still have a VERY large pile of shame which needs painting... As such I decided to bust out the Whirlwind... It's obviously very WiP ^_^

You can do SO MUCH with an airbrush, but it is not hassle free; colour changes are a pain, as such it's often beneficial to do things in large batches... Of course I have trouble batch painting... but you do what you can...


  1. I have always had massive issues color changing on the airbrush. Then I took a class with misterjustin @ nova open.

    He performs a color change in roughly 15 seconds.

    He premixes the colors (and thins them down [he hates airbrush ready paints]) and sets them in jello shot containers. (just plastic 2 oz containers).

    He pours in the first color, does the spraying. Dumps out the excess in a cup, and while holding the airbrush sideways, squirts water into it until the pot is clear, then sprays while squirting water into a napkin over a plastic plate until its clear.

    Then he squirts alcohol (91%) in, sprays until gone, then squirts water in, sprays, then moves to his next color.

    It's very seamless and quick. Before I saw him do that, it would take me 5 minutes just to swap a color!

    1. Woah, that's awesome. I would love to sit in on some of those workshops, but being in New Zealand it would cost me to much to get there!

      Holding the airbrush sideways though, that's an interesting one. I might have to look into that. Thanks Greg!

    2. He "tilts it" on its side to spray the water/alcohol in till the pot/resevoir is clear, then sprays water out the nozzle till clear, then alcohol, then water again. I should make a video one of these days. Once you see it done in person, you kinda of go "oh wow, thats easy".