Sunday, November 25, 2012

Straight to the throat...

You know, normally I put a little more thought into my blog posts but today, as it's Monday (In  New Zealand anyway), I'm gonna be a little more direct.

If Games Workshop thinks I'm going to spend $145 NZD for four "Finecast" non-mounted Miniatures they are frakking insane. The prices attached to the new Hobbit line are beyond ridiculous, they are an insult to every table-top gamer and fan.

If you are planning on buying this stuff then you're supporting a company who are directly engaged in price-gouging in its worst possible form. Here's a price comparison for around the world...

The Hobbit Ultimate Bundle Set is:

$1,460 in New Zealand Dollars.
$745 in United States Dollars.
£447 in Great British Pounds.

Using XE.COM:

$1460 NZD = £750.216 GBP
$745 USD = £484.85 GBP
£447 GBP = $870.01 NZD


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