Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First we build them up... Then we tear them down... Wait that's wrong...

Holy crap an update... Despite a lack of feedback I've gone ahead and made the marine an Imperial Fist. This required me to actually look up the Imperial Fists, never done one before, but the yellow is fun to paint... Although I'm going to weather and battle damage the hell out of it before I'm finished... :D

Done today:

 - Ground was a terracotta brown / red. Then I've gone over it with one layer of weathering powder. It needs more work. I'm thinking a water / muddy effect would be nice.
 - Stone work. From Black highlighted with grey all the way up to white at the top. Weathered with some powder to give a used look.

 - Imperial Fist! Used a mix of Moon Yellow and Sepia ink to make the base coat. Glazed with a sepia then used Moon yellow to do the first stage of armor again. I've gone over the recesses with darker washes and then the very depth with a dark brown ink.
 - Bloody red to do the base coat of the red, then mixed with flesh (2:1 red : flesh) to highlight it.

Dark eldar:
 - NOTHING! I am the slack... It's not even undercoated yet!

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  1. Hiya Vent,

    just wanted to let you know, before the article goes live in about 15 minutes that you've won my Sarissa Precision prize draw. So congratulations!!!