Saturday, January 21, 2012

Greetings folks, I've managed to finish the painting stages of the Blood Angel Assault sarge, there's bits and pieces which still need to be done, but the painting is done so I thought I'd take some photos and share ^_^



There's nothing really new that I've done here, but I'll break it all down as I do:

 - Blackstone Gems: Done as per [url=]my tutorial[/url]. These are easy to do and only get easier with practice. If you have trouble with gems just do these. These are Fire Gems, but it works for any colors you want.
 - Wings: Wings are black lifted to white through some layering. Standard stuff, just layer up with progressing grays to white.
 - Silver: This was different than normal. A lot of time my silvers are dirty, but I figured I'd try do something different and bring them up with layers of BGS > Chainmail > Mithril. Looks quite good. Dunno if I'll keep it for everything, but I like the brightness of the plasma pistol and the straps.
 - Plasma Glow: Same method of doing the lenses, but brightened up to brighter than yellow.

That's pretty much it. As always this message will self destruct in five seconds... And I appreciate you taking the time to have a look ^_^


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Pestus. Its pretty easy with the airbrush. :)

    2. What model of airbrush do you use?

    3. I use a very cheap SCA airbrush purchased from an automotive store down here in New Zealand. It's good entry level to play with and practice before I break out the big dollars :D